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Emission Tests End in External Dependence

WLTP scope of the desired emission tests for new cars in Europe, all of the producers’ demands in Turkey can now be done in Turkey. Taking an important step in this regardAutomotive Technologies Research and Development Center OTAM, WLTP, which has been modernized according to the new procedure with an investment of TL 2.5 millionLaunched the Emission Test Laboratory. The WLTP Emission Test Laboratory, which will serve under OTAM, is intended to be an alternative to Europe, whose testing center is limited.

OTAM, which serves in the ITU ARI Teknokent campus and works to increase the competitiveness of the automotive sector in global markets, has been modernized with an investment of TL 2.5 million.WLTP Emission Testing Laboratory led to service. OTAM WLTP Emission Test Laboratory, which was put into service with a special ceremony held on 20 March at ITU Ayazağa Campus,WLTP emission tests will be conducted within the same standards within OTAM.The EU, which the European Union reorganized and adopted in 2017 instead of NDEC test standards Modernized according to Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) WLTP Emission Testing Laboratory fuel consumption and emission tests of vehicles.WLTP Taking the tests also modernized within the testing center, the dependence on foreign leading manufacturers of the automotive sector in Turkey is limited and rescuing WLTP test center to meet the demand in Europe is expected to be an alternative.


Tested for 750 vehicles per year

The ceremony organized by OTAM was attended by ITU Foundation Board of Directors, OTAM Board members and executives of leading industry and non-governmental organizations such as Renault, Mercedes-Benz Türk, Tofaş, Hyundai and Isuzu. Making the opening speech and sharing information about WLTP Emission Test LaboratoryGeneral Manager of OTAM Ekrem Özcan, said the new system’s dependence on foreign automotive manufacturers in Turkey, which is activated to deliver a solution that completely eliminates vehicle, he said 750 years of making WLTP targeted testing. Özcan said: “We are happy to be able to perform the required WLTP test in all new vehicles in Europe and to bring such a center to the sector. The emission test laboratory modernization project we carried out with WLTP, TL 2.5 Million It was a project realized with an investment and as a result of 11 months of work. Within one year at our center, which will provide testing services at European standards750 we will be able to perform WLTP tests of our vehicle. Our test center will also offer an alternative solution to Europe, which currently has a limited number of WLTP centers and is in the automotive test bottleneck. ”


General Manager of OTAM Ekrem Özcan his words continued: “When we get our manufacturers in Turkey and emission testing demands into consideration we can safely say that the otam this investment, dependence on foreign emission tests in Turkey is going to have ended. On this occasion, I would like to express my special thanks to Renault, Ford Otosan, Hyundai and Honda for their great contribution to the realization of a very valuable investment in every aspect, encouraging us and supporting us in every step of the installation process. And of course Ford Otosan, BMC Power, FEV, AVL, Mercedes-Benz, Otokar, Temsa, Tofaş, which enable us to work with a high rate of occupancy in our laboratories, especially those companies. I would like to thank FNSS, our esteemed companies within TOSB, our customers and business partners. ”



About OTAM


OTAM was established in 2004 and carries out its activities in ITU ARI Teknokent Campus. vehicle and powertrain, vibration and acoustics, strength and life testing.

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