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OTAM: European Demand for WLTP Automotive Testing

As of 1 September 2018, all new vehicle registrations entering the European market require the exhaust emission values ​​of the vehicle to be determined in accordance with the Globally Compliant Light Commercial Vehicle Testing Procedure (WLTP). The WLTP-capable testing center is limited in Europe. Because all new vehicles require WLTP testing, the capacity of the laboratories cannot meet the demand. OTAM (Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center), which operates in the ITU ARI Teknokent campus, aims to become the solution center of European automotive manufacturers in 2019.

Prior to the WLTP procedure, which was introduced on September 1, 2018, OTAM is preparing for WLTP, which has successfully implemented the NEDC test standards that have already been implemented for years. WLTP made an investment decision last April to meet both domestic and international demands. This investment, which amounts to TL 2.5 million, is planned to be launched in February 2019.

OTAM Chief Executive Officer Kenan Çolpan said, açıklama We have been successfully performing NEDC tests of our global automotive manufacturers for more than 10 years with our qualified personnel and installed test equipment. We also started our WLTP investment. As of February 2019, we will be meeting the WLTP demands of European manufacturers. We have started negotiations with companies from Germany from England. We want a solution to Europe’s automotive test bottleneck. ”

OTAM, which carries out its activities in ITU ARI Teknokent Campus, is working in Emission Laboratory and Mechanical Laboratories; vehicle and powertrain, vibration and acoustics, strength and life testing.

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