International Conference on Energy and Automotive Technologies (ICAT)

OTAM A.Ş. is continuing to support ICAT’14 conference like as ICAT’10 and ICAT’12 conferences which are discussed developments and workings about automotive technologies from past to future.


OTEKON conference is a platform which is shared technological developments and applications about automotive and related area. As OTAM A.Ş., we support the OTEKON 2014 that is 7th conference of OTEKON.

İTÜ Çekirdek Project

OTAM A.Ş. supports junior entrepreneurs via ‘İTÜ Çekirdek Project’.</p> <p>İTÜ Çekirdek Project is organized with ‘social responsibility’ concept for junior entrepreneurs. The project’s studies involve 3 main sections which are ‘Center point, Camp and Competition’. Center point is procured for junior entrepreneurs in order to produce ideas, Camp period offers necessity education in order to convert ideas to project. Lastly, for financial support which is necessary for implementation of prepared projects, a competition is organized.

ITU Solar Car Team

OTAM A.Ş. supports ARIBA design and production workings which have been performed by ITU Solid Car Team from since 2004.</p> <p>ITU Solid Car Team was established by ITU Electrical Engineering students and 5 solid cars had been produced which names are ‘ARIBA’ since 2004.

    is the first car of ITU Solar Car Team. The design workings were started in 2004 and completed in 2005, then ARIBA I was produced. ARIBA I came in first in Tubitak Formula-G in 2006.


    was produced to obtain runner up prize with first rank in Tubitak formula-G races. At the end of race, ARIBA I and ARIBA II came in first and second.


    came in first in Formula-G 2007 in Ankara. ARIBA II was runner-up in the same race.


    was produced for World Challenge in the international platform. ITU Solar Car Team was awarded 'The Best Newcomer’ with ARIBA IV in the their first İnternational race.


    is designed for World Solar Challenge 2011 but it could not run. But, in Tubitak Formula-G race, it was granted ‘The Best engineering Design’ award which qualifies engineering and technical capacity of cars.

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