OTAM, is founded by the collaboration of Automotive Manufacturers Organization (OSD), The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2004 to serve as a center in order to carry out of pre production research and development studies and product testing jobs of the automotive industry and its suppliers, in cooperation with the university by empowering University-Industry collaboration through sustaining the competitiveness of the National Automotive Industry globally.

In 2007, OTAM became a corporation with the shareholders ITU, OSD, TAYSAD and OIB. By many organizations, OTAM is shown as the most successful University – Industry collaboration in Turkey today.
  • 2004


  • 2007

    OTAM Corparation TAYSAD and OIB joined as shareholders

  • 2008

    OTEP National Automotive Technology Platform

  • 2008

    ISO Certifications

  • 2008

    European Automotive Research Partners

  • 2009

    Euro 5 Modernization 2 M TL Funded by UIB

  • 2010

    Agreement with TTGV

  • 2011

    Pact with IDIADA

  • 2012

    TURKAK Akreditasyonu

  • 2012

    Inova partnership

  • 2013

    TOSB Test Merkezi

  • 2018


İTU Automotive Division and Labs

  • More than half a century of experience
  • A faculty of 20 highly skilled experts
  • 25 M TL invested infrastructure

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