Automotive Technology Platform - OTEP
OTEP was established in order to activate investment motivation for research and innovation and bring out innovative economy by coordinating the national, regional and Europe studies. OTAM A.Ş. is a charter member in OTEP in which a lot of company and university have membership such as Hexagon Studio, AVL, Ford Otosan, Tofaş, Figes, Otokar, Taysad, OSD, Istanbul Technical University, Koç University, Sabancı University, Middle East Technical University, etc.

EARPA-European Automotive Research Partners Associations
Founded in 2002, EARPA is the association of automotive R&D organisations. It brings together the most prominent independent R&D providers in the automotive sector throughout Europe. Its membership counts at present 39 members ranging from large and small commercial organisations to national institutes and universities. EARPA is the platform of automotive researchers and is actively contributing to the European Research Area and the future EU RTD funding programmes. EARPA works in close cooperation with the automotive industry, the automotive suppliers, the oil industry as well as the European Institutions and the EU Member States. OTAM A.Ş. is a member of EARPA like AIT, IDIADA, Chalmers, KU Leuven, MIRA, Strasbourg University, Firenze University, etc.

Setting out with the idea of “Railway systems are a national matter”; the rail transportation systems manufacturers who believe that all the needs of rail transportation can be met domestically have come together with their supporting institutions and formed the first nonregional cluster which covers the whole Anatolia thus named Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster. ARUS was established in order ta strengthen the cooperation of domestic railway sector companies and create national brands.

About SAHA Istanbul
Inline to achieve a common synergy by clustering the power of our 65,000 industrialist companies operating in the Northern Marmara corridor to produce technological products with high added value for Istanbul Industry, which produces half of Turkey's national income, in March 2015, with the initiatives of 27 founding members, SAHA Istanbul ~ defence, Aviation and Space Clustering Association was established. The cluster has chosen Technopark Istanbul, located in Pendik, as its centre.

About TOSB
The Automotive sector in the industry has entered a rapid development process in our globalizing world with its high added value creation, high technology use, employment opportunities and environmentally conscious structure. In order to take part in this rapid development process and to produce solutions on issues such as production, technological development and the necessity of structuring in terms of exports, TAYSAD (Association of vehicle vehicle supply Industrialists), which operates in various parts of Turkey, primarily in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya and Bursa, and produces parts to the automotive sector. Some 40 of the 210 members came together and formed a joint venture group to solve their problems and established TOSB (TOSB Automotive Procurement industry Specialty organized Industrial Zone).

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